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Liberty House Faculty


Below you will find a list and contact information for the NHMS Faculty in Liberty House. The Liberty House Teach to One Math Faculty are listed below, however, your child may have a Math Advisor from a different House. Also, please note that while some Support Staff and Related Arts teachers are Liberty House teachers, your child may not have them or work with them and may have Related Arts teachers from other Houses.


General Contacts

Mrs. Chakraborty, Liberty House Guidance Counselor (

Mrs. Jones, Liberty House Leader (


6th Grade

Ms. Conron, English Language Arts (

Mrs. Tom, Math Advisory (

Ms. DiDonato, Science & Social Studies (


7th Grade

Mrs. Milum, English Language Arts (

Ms. Coverson, Math Advisory (

Dr. Stanford, Science (

Mrs. Jones, Social Studies (


8th Grade

Mr. McCaughey, English Language Arts (

Mr. Fedeli, Math Advisory (

Dr. Stanford, Science (

Mrs. Jones, Social Studies (


Resource and Support Staff

Ms. Risolo, Special Education (

Ms. Macura, Special Education (


Related Arts

Mr. Schaper, Reading Activity (

Ms. Nida, Chorus (

Mr. Wojtowicz, Band (

Mr. Rescsanszky, Orchestra (

Mr. Dane, Health (

Mr. Byrne, Web Literacy (

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